1. Pili, Cytoplasmic Membrane


    - hair-like microfibrils usually produced by flagellated gram negative bacteria observable under electron microscope

    - composed of CHON called  Pilin

    - 2 types:

    a. Sex/ Fertility Pili - sexual conjugation and transfer of genetic material

    b. Somatic/ Ordinary/ Common Pili - adhesion of bacterial cell to the host cell, thus, contributing to virulence

    Cytoplasmic Membrane (in bacteria)

    - also called Cell Membrane

    - Composed of phospholipid and proteins which is the site of energy production in bacteria

    - FUnctions : 

    a. Maintains selective permeability and transport of solutes

    b. Electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation to aerobic species

    c. Excretion of hydrolytic enzymes

    d. Bears the enzymes and carrier molecules that function in biosynthesis of DNA, cell wall polymers and membrane lipids

    e. Bears the receptors and other proteins of the chemotactic and other sensory transduction system.

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